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News Precautions when installing plain bearings

2018-11-02 12:56:20 The sliding bearing is sliding friction, and its structure is simple, the volume is small, the contact surface is large, the bearing capacity is strong, the ..

News Self-lubricating bearing installation environment

2018-11-01 12:54:55Installation of oil-free bearings for self-lubricating bearings must be carried out in dry, clean ambient conditions. The mating surface of the shaft and ..

News How self-lubricating bearings work

2018-10-31 12:52:33Self-lubricating bearings are required by special production processes. In fact, these conditions have exceeded the range of oil and grease lubrication ..

News How to improve the life of composite bearings

2018-10-28 12:50:47Composite bearings are an important part of contemporary machinery and equipment, and the amount is amazing. Taking a car as an example ..

News Oil-free bearing application features

2018-10-27 12:48:58Oil-free bearing bushing application features:
It is especially suitable for rotary motion under heavy load at low speed, rocking motion and ..

News Sliding self-lubricating bearing introduction

2018-10-25 12:46:47Sliding self-lubricating bearing structure:
The bearing shell is divided into a split type and a monolithic structure. In order to improve the ..


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ReportQuality system certificate

2018.10.172017.10.7 We obtained the quality system certificate..

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2018.10.17We provide our company's electronic album download for all customers.

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Dick provides the world industry
The world's top self-lubricating material solution

As a professional manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings,
We aim to be the world's top company and contribute our technology to the modern industrial industry.

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