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The only material that is lubricated like silk is Dick.
"Control sliding, challenge friction"

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Auto industry

It is suitable for the rotation and rocking movement under high load and low speed, and the part that can be opened and closed under heavy load and can not be refueled. It can be used for a long time under the boundary lubrication condition without refueling. The process refueling will greatly improve the service life of the sleeve.

Bicycle industry

Our products are also used in the bicycle industry, and multiple self-lubricating bearings are required in many places such as mountain bike suspension parts.

Subway high-speed rail

Shock absorber guide bushing. Pistons, sedan hinges, hoods, trunk lid hinge bushings, steering mechanism bushings, power steering gear pump bushings, steering wheel 拄 lower end bushings (sleeve outer cast rubber), clutch release lever arm pivot sleeves..

Construction machinery

Self-lubricating bearings can be applied to the chassis, body parts, and hydraulic components. These include bimetallic bearings, metal self-lubricating bearings and metal-plastic self-lubricating bearings. These bearing materials have excellent wear resistance and dust resistance under high load conditions..

Injection molding machinery

Our company's self-lubricating bearings are widely used in molding machinery injection molding machines, rubber machinery, die casting machines and other occasions.

Hydraulic machinery

The self-lubricating casing produced by the factory is suitable for the new energy support swinging area to meet the long-term use, and does not need to maintain the environmentally friendly new energy (such as wind power, solar power, hydropower, etc.) and provide convenient use.

Automated production line

Because the self-lubricating bearings developed by the company have the characteristics of maintenance-free, low cost and corrosion resistance compared with traditional rolling bearings, they are widely used in moving logistics, ports and automated production lines.


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