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The only material that is lubricated like silk is Dick.
"Control sliding, challenge friction"

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Shock absorber guide bushing. Pistons, sedan hinges, hoods, trunk lid hinge bushings, steering mechanism bushings, power steering gear pump bushings, steering wheel 拄 lower end bushings (sleeve outer cast rubber), clutch release lever arm pivot sleeves, Dynamic linkage bushing, suspension knuckle joint (connecting shock absorber) bushing, EFI pump bushing, throttle control linkage bushing, parking mechanism, seat adjustment mechanism, brake and clutch pedal bushing Side bushing), gasoline carburetor disc stem sleeve, steering rack guide, large motor speed starter bushing, air brake truck air compressor connecting rod bushing and bearing bush, railway steam locomotive balance arm and Head connection mechanism, rocking cushion mechanism, automatic door switch device, ship steering gear (steering link set), hatch cover and pulley block bushing, machinery, automobile production line, automobile painting device, auto maintenance equipment.



Application field

News Precautions when installing pl

2018-11-02 12:56:20 The sliding bearing is sliding friction, and its structure is simple, the volume is small, the contact surface is large, the bearing capacity is strong, the

News Self-lubricating bearing insta

2018-11-01 12:54:55Installation of oil-free bearings for self-lubricating bearings must be carried out in dry, clean ambient conditions. The mating surface of the shaft and

News How self-lubricating bearings

2018-10-31 12:52:33Self-lubricating bearings are required by special production processes. In fact, these conditions have exceeded the range of oil and grease lubrication


Dick provides the world industry
The world's top self-lubricating material solution

As a professional manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings,
We aim to be the world's top company and contribute our technology to the modern industrial industry.

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