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The only material that is lubricated like silk is Dick.
"Control sliding, challenge friction"

High-quality product

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The carbon powder is used as the base surface to sinter copper powder, which is suitable for rotation and rocking movement under high load and low speed. The co

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It is suitable for the rotation and rocking movement under high load and low speed, and the part that can be opened and closed under heavy load and can not be r

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Applicable to working parts that can not be refueled or difficult, good wear resistance, small friction coefficient, long service life; good running performance

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Help create the future Dick provides the world's top self-lubricating for the world's industry
Material solution

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Dick provides the world industry
The world's top self-lubricating material solution

As a professional manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings,
We aim to be the world's top company and contribute our technology to the modern industrial industry.

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