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Metal plastic polymer self-lubricating bearing

The metal plastic polymer self-lubricating material is made of high-quality carbon steel as the substrate, and the copper powder layer is sintered in the middle, and the surface is covered with a low-friction material mainly composed of PTFE or a thermoplastic polymer as a bearing working layer. The material structure has excellent mechanical load-bearing capacity, and the intermediate copper powder layer can not only transmit the heat generated during the operation of the bearing, but also improve the bonding strength between the plastic layer and the substrate. The PTFE design is suitable for completely dry friction conditions, while thermoplastic materials such as POM are designed for low speed, high load conditions under boundary lubrication conditions.

Composite material

DK-10, DK40, DK-20, DK-30, DK-33, DK-22, DK-36, DK-82, DK-3S, DK-800, DK-3F.

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Cast material

DK-FU, DK-50, DK-50W, DK-50SW, DK-100, TDO.

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Plastic material


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Rolling bearing

DK-TZ, DK-GM6202

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